On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse occurred along a path, on the island of Newfoundland, from Codroy in the west to Bonavista in the east.  The previous total solar eclipse to cross the island had been in 1970  and the next will be in 2079.

In the months leading up to the eclipse, Randy Dodge and Garry Dymond were busy with many interviews and outreach events. Garry also presented at the Gander "Solar Eclipse Soiree" organized by Prof. Hilding Neilson at various venues in Gander, including the College of the North Atlantic. 

At the Centre’s February meeting, Nikolay Damyanov spoke about April 8 weather prospects on the island along the path of totality and starting about a week before the eclipse and continuing up to the morning of the eclipse, he provided detailed analysis and interpretation of expectations for viewing conditions along the path of totality.

RASC St. John’s Centre members viewed the eclipse from Cape Anguille, Codroy, Gand Falls – Windsor, the Bay D’Espoir highway, Gander, Crown Ridge, Terra Nova National Park, Clarenville, Goobies, and the northern Burin peninsula.  Despite clouds, partial phases and/or totality was observable from most sites with observers along the northern Bay D’Espoir highway seeming to have the best view.

On April 17, 2024, the Centre held its Solar Eclipse Recap meeting.  Nikolay Damyanov, Randy Dodge, and Garry Dymond gave accounts of their activities leading up to the eclipse and their observing experiences.  Members then shared their images and observing experiences from each observing site starting in the west, at Cape Anguille, and ending in the East on the northern Burin Peninsula.  The slides and images from that meeting can be viewed here.


Randy Dodge reviewed our RASC St. John's Centre's efforts leading up to, and during the eclipse. PDF Link

The cloud setup for April 8th

Nikolay Damyanov's weather guidence, and his view of the Eclipse experience PDF Link

Nikolay's 360 degree Video Link (click downloaded file)

Nikolay's Post Totality Celebration Video Link (Click downloaded file)

Some photos from the Codroy Group PDF Link

Some photos from Cape Anguille PDF Link

Sucess at Grand Falls-Winsor PDF Link

Bay D'Espoir Hwy PDF Link

Garry Dymond at Bay D'Espoir Hwy PDF Link

The Solar Eclipse Soiree in Gander PDF Link

Some photos from Crown Ridge PDF Link

Terra Nova National Park and Clarenville PDF Link

Goobies and Northern Buren Peninsula PDF Link

GeoCentre Sunblock Party PDF Link

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